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Royal Patent Number(RP)0091 LCA Number:00062, 00062B
Patentee: Kahoa, Rives, John L. & George P. Island:Oahu
District:Kona TMK
Ahupua'aHonolulu IliHotel St.
Statistics: 5543 characters 1011 words
No. 91, Rives, Kahoa, John L, & G.P. Rives, Hotel Street, Honolulu Ahupuaa, Kona District, Island of Oahu, Volume 1, pps. 355-356 [RP Reel 1, 372-373.tif]

No. 91
Royal Patent,
Upon Confirmation of the Land Commission

Whereas, the Board of Commissioners to quiet Land Titles have by their decision awarded unto Kahoa John L. Rives and G.P. Rives an estate in Freehold less than Allodial in and to the land hereafter described and whereas the said Kahoa, John G. Rives and E.P. Rives, [initials differ from above] have commuted for a a Fee Simple Title in accordance with the Laws.

Therefore, Kamehameha, by the Grace of God, King of the Hawaiian Islands, by this royal patent, makes known unto all men, that he has, for himself and his successors in office, this day granted and given Absolutely in Fee Simple unto Kahoa, John L. Rives and G.P. Rives in consideration of the sum of Fifty Dollars paid into the Royal Exchequer, all that certain piece of land situate at Honolulu, in the Island of Oahu, and described by surveyed boundaries, as follows:

Commencing at the mauka North corner of this on the makai side of lane, joining C. Brewer & Co's Premises and running
South 47° 15[‘] West 47 1/2 feet along C. Brewer's [sic] & Co's to East corner of Stone House, thence

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.... 45' Komohana 1 Kaulahao 3 4/12 Kapuai a hiki i ke kihi Komohana makai o keia, Alaila
Hema 46° 15' Hikina 1 Kaulahao 60 5/12 Kapuai ma A. Pakis [sic] (Aigypito) a hiki i ke kihi Hema makai o keia, Alaila
Akau 41° 15' Hikina 2 Kaulahao 35 Kapuai ma ko Rabake pahale a hiki i ke [insert?] Ala ololi Kihi Hikina mauka o keia, Alaila
Akau 40° 30' Komohana 1 Kaulahao 41 3/12 Kapuai ma Ala ololi a hiki i kahi i hoomaka'i.

[Page 358]

Maloko o ia Apana aina 561 Anana 33 Kapuai a oi iki aku, a emi iki mai paha. Ua koe nae i ke Aupuni na mine minerela a me na metela a pau.

No Kahoa, John L. Rives a me G.P. Rives, ua aina la i haawia ma ke ano Alodio a no kona lakou mau hooilina, a me kona lakou waihona, ua pili nae ka auhau a ka Poe ahaolelo e kau like ai ma na aina Alodio kela manawa i keia manawa.

A i mea e ikea ai, ua kau i ko'u inoa, a me ka Sila Nui o ko Hawaii Pae Aina ma Honolulu i keia la 28 o Sepetemaba, 1850
(Inoa) Kamehameha
Meaike (Inoa) Keoni Ana, Kuhina Nui

Hoopoka papala ia ia i keia la [left blank] o [left blank], 18[left blank]

[Royal Land Patent No. 91, Rives, Kahoa, John L, & G.P. Rives, Hotel Street, Honolulu Ahupuaa, Kona District, Island of Oahu, 561 Fathoms 33 Feet (.24 & .22 Ac.), 1850]