ClaimNumber: 02888

Claim Number: 02888
Claimant: Kaupaona
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Koolauloa
Ahupuaa: Hanakaoe, Kawela, Oio, Kahuku, Opana, Ulupehupehu
Ili: Lanahu, Uwalakui


Apana: 8
 Awarded: 0
Loi: 6
 NR: 679v3
Mala Taro:
Kula: 2
NT: 173v10
House lot: 1
Number of Royal Patents:
Salt lands:
Koele/Poalima: No
 Loko: No
Lokoia: No
 Fishing Rights: No
Hala: 1
Sea/Shore/Dunes: No
Sweet Potatoes: 2
Auwai/Ditch: Yes
Irish Potatoes:
Other Edifice: No
 Spring/Well: No
 Pigpen: No
Coconut: 2
Road/Path: No
Burial/Graveyard: No
Wall/Fence: No
Bitter Melon/Gourd: 3
Stream/Muliwai/River: No
Sugar Cane:
Pali: No
Disease: Yes
Koa/Kou Trees:
Claimant Died: Yes
Other Plants:
Other Trees:
Other Mammals: NoMiscellaneous: Kaupaona died of measles, claimed hala grove, watercourse; different ahupua`a became subsumed under Hanakaoe, land reverted to konohiki
No. 2888, Kaupaona, Hanakaoe, Oahu, January 5, 1848
N.R. 679v3

To the Land Commissioners, Respectful Greetings: I, Kaupaona, hereby state my claim for land at Hanakaoe, a kula land cultivated in sweet potato and gourd. I have three lo`i at Kawela, also a watercourse and a hala grove. At Opana are two coconut trees. At Ulupehupehu is a kula planted in sweet potato and gourd. At Oio is a mala of gourd. At Kahuku are two lo`i, at Lanahu and one lo`i at Uwalakui. My house claim is at Hanakaoe, bounded on the north by Kekohai's /land/, on the east by kula, on the south by a land fence, on the west by the sea. My right of occupancy is from the reign of Kamehameha III.
KAUPAONA X, his mark

F.T. 173v10
Claim No. 2888, Kaupaona (Deceased)

Kailiuku, sworn, deposed that Kaupaona died when the measles prevailed about 2 years ago, leaving no heir that witness knows of. At his death the land reverted to the Konohiki.

(This statement was confirmed by other persons present, and no one appeared to represent the claim)

[No. 2888 not awarded]




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