ClaimNumber: 05780B

Claim Number: 05780B
Claimant: Napuupahoehoe
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Lahaina
Ahupuaa: Lahaina
Ili: Puehuehunui


Apana: 1
 Awarded: 0
Mala Taro:
FT: 469v7
NT: 659v9
House lot: 1
Number of Royal Patents:
Salt lands:
Koele/Poalima: No
 Loko: No
Lokoia: No
 Fishing Rights: No
Sea/Shore/Dunes: No
Sweet Potatoes:
Auwai/Ditch: No
Irish Potatoes:
Other Edifice: No
 Spring/Well: No
 Pigpen: No
Road/Path: No
Burial/Graveyard: No
Wall/Fence: No
Bitter Melon/Gourd:
Stream/Muliwai/River: No
Sugar Cane:
Pali: No
Disease: No
Koa/Kou Trees:
Claimant Died: No
Other Plants:
Other Trees:
Other Mammals: NoMiscellaneous: House where people from Waikapu stayed, Called Waikapu Hotel
Cl. 5780B, Napuupahoehoe, See Page 111 [See Claim 2652]
F.T. 469v7

This claim is for a House lot in Lahaina, and was partly heard there in June 1849. Kaumana is a Counter Claimant.

Antonio Catalina, sworn, I know the house lot of the Claimant in Lahaina. Nawa lived there and the Claimant has been in the habit of making this his home for the last 35 years and the Waikapu and Wailuku people have, through the Claimant, had the use of this lot to haul up their canoes on when they went to Lahaina for the same length of time. The place was called the Waikapu Hotel on account of the Wailuku people stopping there. I never heard the Claimant's rights disputed till this year.

N.T. 659v9
No. 5780B, Napuupahoehoe

This claim was worked on previously in Lahaina, a claim for the house lot. Z. P. Kaumaea opposed this house lot; it was set aside for a final decision, for some foreigners to testify.

Akoni C.* sworn: I know of Puupahoehoe's living there. He occupied it in 1825 and we lived with him -- myself, George Richardson, William H. and William McLane. Nawaa was a friend of Puupahoehoe. Puupahoehoe built a house there which we occupied with him. It was known by everyone that he was living there, those of Waikapu and those of Wailuku, there was no one who did not know, and there was no opposition until 1848 when Z. P. Kaumaea objected.

/*Antonio Catalina/

[No. 5780B not listed in index; presumably not awarded]




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