ClaimNumber: 06659

Claim Number: 06659
Claimant: Malo, Davida
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Lahaina
Ahupuaa: Moalii, Pakala


 Awarded: 0
 NR: 409v6
Mala Taro:
House lot:
Number of Royal Patents:
Salt lands:
Koele/Poalima: No
 Loko: No
Lokoia: No
 Fishing Rights: No
Sea/Shore/Dunes: No
Sweet Potatoes:
Auwai/Ditch: No
Irish Potatoes:
Other Edifice: No
 Spring/Well: No
 Pigpen: No
Road/Path: No
Burial/Graveyard: Yes
Wall/Fence: No
Bitter Melon/Gourd:
Stream/Muliwai/River: No
Sugar Cane:
Pali: No
Disease: No
Koa/Kou Trees:
Claimant Died: No
Other Plants:
Other Trees:
Other Mammals: NoMiscellaneous: government road
No. 6659, Davida Malo, Lahaina, February 4, 1848
N.R. 409v6

To Z. Kaauwai: I have received your letter to Nahaolelua, saying that you entered my claims in your Book. This is finished.

Here is my big mistake. I completely forgot my pauku of land at Moalii, which is named Kihalaa. It was from Kuakini.

Furthermore, there are my five mo`o at Pakala, my sugar cane mo`os outside my lo`i. Kindly insert these as my place.

Here is a question: What about Kupa's document? I have a lot at Keauhou, the graveyard of Pakisepa Pahia* is situated there. Its circumference is perhaps a hundred /feet?/, and it adjoins the eastern side. This is finished.

/*Bathsheba Pahia, one of Malo's wives./

F.T. 227v7
Cl. 6659, David Malo

Z. Kaauwai, sworn, I know the lands of the claimant included in this claim. They consist of one piece of land in ""Moalii" and one piece in "Pakala," Lahaina.

The claimant received the land in Moalii from Kuakini or Governor Adams in 1838 or 19 and has possessed it ever since in peace. It is kalo land mostly.

The piece in Pakala" from Kaweka in 1828 and his title has never been disputed. This is a piece connected with his house lot.

The piece in Moalii is bounded:
Mauka by "Kuia"
Olowalu by the pali of Kuia
Makai by "Paiohi"
Kaanapali by the same.

The piece in Pakala is bounded:
Mauka by "Waineenui"
Olowalu by Waineeiki
Makai by the Alanui aupuni
Kaanapali by the claimant's house lot and "Puako."

N.T. 103v5
No. 6659, David Malo

Z. Kaauwai, sworn, He has seen 2 sections, 1 at Moalii and 1 section at Pakala.
The Land at Moalii was from Kuakini in 1838 or 1839, probably and the section at Pakala was from Kaweka in 1828. These sections are together and no one has objected.

Here are their boundaries:

Section 1 - Section in Moalii.
Mauka by Kuia ahupuaa
Hana by Kuia pali
Makai and Kaanapali by Paeohi ahupuaa.

Section 2 - Section in Pakala.
Mauka by Waineenui land
Hana by Wainee iki land
Makai by Government road
Kaanapali by Puako land.

[No. 6659 not awarded; See Award 3702]




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