ClaimNumber: 06709

Claim Number: 06709
Claimant: Popolo, wahine
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Lahaina
Ahupuaa: Ukumehame
Ili: Haai


Apana: 1
 Awarded: 1
 NR: 405v6
Mala Taro:
FT: 221v7
Kula: 1
NT: 98v5
House lot: 1
 RP: 7775
Number of Royal Patents: 1
Salt lands:
Koele/Poalima: No
 Loko: No
Lokoia: No
 Fishing Rights: No
Sea/Shore/Dunes: No
Sweet Potatoes:
Auwai/Ditch: No
Irish Potatoes:
Other Edifice: No
 Spring/Well: No
 Pigpen: No
Road/Path: No
Burial/Graveyard: No
Wall/Fence: No
Bitter Melon/Gourd:
Stream/Muliwai/River: Yes
Sugar Cane:
Pali: Yes
Disease: No
Koa/Kou Trees:
Claimant Died: No
Other Plants:
Other Trees:
Other Mammals: NoMiscellaneous:
No. 6709, Popolo, Ukumehame, February 5, 1848
N.R. 405v6

Greetings to the Land Commissioners: I hereby petition for my claim in the ahupua`a
of Ukumehame. There is a pauku of land, a kula and a house lot. I am under the konohiki.

F.T. 221-222v7
Cl. 6609 6709, Popolo, Wahine

Kupa, sworn, I know the lands of the Claimant. They are in the ili of Haai, Ukumehame. It is one piece of land only. Her other land has been carried away by the Water.

The Claimant received it from Makaiki, in the days of Hoapili, before 1839. Her title has never been disputed except by the destructive Creek.

It is bounded:
Mauka by Makaiki's land
Hana by the high Pali
Makai by Moehanui's land
Kaanapali by the Creek of Ukumehame.

N.T. 98v5
No. 6709, Popolo (Female)

Kupa, sworn, He has seen 1 section at Haai in Ukumehame. Makaike had given this land in 1839, at the time of Hoapili. It has been destroyed by water (flood?), No objections.

[It is bounded]:
Mauka by Makaihe's land
Hana by Pali
Makai by Moehauna
Kaanapali by Ukumehame stream.

[Award 6709; R.P. 7775; Haai Ukumehame Lahaina; 1 ap.; 2.25 Acs.]




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