ClaimNumber: 07083

Claim Number: 07083
Claimant: Kaulua
Other claimant: Kaeloa, foster daughter
Other name:
Island: Hawaii
District: Kona, North
Ahupuaa: Kahului 1, Waiaha 1 & 2


Apana: 7
 Awarded: 1
 NR: 418v8
Mala Taro:
NT: 513v4
House lot: 1
Kihapai/Pakanu: 13
Number of Royal Patents:
Salt lands:
Koele/Poalima: No
 Loko: No
Lokoia: No
 Fishing Rights: No
Sea/Shore/Dunes: No
Sweet Potatoes:
Auwai/Ditch: No
Irish Potatoes:
Other Edifice: No
 Spring/Well: No
 Pigpen: No
Road/Path: No
Burial/Graveyard: No
Wall/Fence: No
Bitter Melon/Gourd:
Stream/Muliwai/River: No
Sugar Cane:
Pali: No
Disease: No
Koa/Kou Trees:
Claimant Died: Yes
Other Plants:
Other Trees:
Other Mammals: NoMiscellaneous: Pikoiole, a wahi pana (decorated place), Awarded 1 apana
No. 7083, Kaulua, January 1848
N.R. 418v8

Greetings to the Land Commissioners: I hereby state my house lot claim which is makai in the ahupua`a of Kahului 1 and is 75 fathoms in circumference. Furthermore, my land claim is in the ahupua`a of Waiaha 1, explained as follows: Seven kihapai are mauka of the cattle fence. Seven kihapai are at Kaluulu*. Six kihapai are mauka of Kaluulu. Four kihapai are mauka of the apaa*. Four kihapai are mauka of Waikii. This land is bounded by Puukou on the north, by Waiaha 2 on the south, by the cattle fence on the west, and by Papalanui on the east. A pauku is in the ahupua`a of Waiaha 2, and one kihapai, named Kanawai, is 30 fathoms by 13 fathoms, and another, named Kaaipuaa, is 61 fathoms by 12 fathoms. These kihapai are bounded by Kaaihailoa on the north, by Kahului 1 on the south, by Koaie on the west, and by Ililoa on the east. These are my kihapais which have been cultivated from ancient times until the present.

/*See Translator's Notes re Land Zones in Kona/ [See Schilt et al. 1984:1-15 or Kelly 1983:43-63]

N.T. 513-514v4
No. 7083, Kaulua, December 22, 1848

Kalama, sworn, He has seen in Kahului I ahupuaa.

Section 1 - House lot.
Mauka, Street
Kau, Idle land
Makai, Beach
Kohala, Kaweehu's lot.
1 house for Kalaa enclosed.
Kaulua died in 1848, interest left to foster daughter, Kaeloa.

Section 2 - Kihapai in Kamuku.
Mauka, Puuhoi land
Kau, Puukou land
Makai, Papipi land
Kohala, Kamuku ili.
1 cultivated land section.

Section 3 - Kaluulu,
Mauka, Pikoiole * Pana
Ka`u by Hauamauloa ili
Makai by Pilo pana
Kohala by Puukou ili.
1 partially cultivated section of land.

Section 4:
Mauka by Kaalaea land
Ka`u by Waiaha 2 land
Makai by Pahalanui land
1 cultivated section of land.

Section 5 - Waiaha 2 ahupuaa.
Mauka by Manohae kihapai
Ka`u by Kahului I land
Makai by idle land
Kohala by Kamuku land.
9 cultivated kihapais.

Section 6 - Waiaha 2 kihapai.
Mauka by konohiki
Ka`u by Kapahukanila land
Makai by Kalua's land
Kohala by Kamuku ili.
1 cultivated kihapai.

Section 7 (I ke mau)
Mauka by Papalanui Pana
Ka`u by Waiaha 2 land
Makai by Waikii well
Kohala by Moonuiohua ili.
1 section of land

Interest from Lumaawe in 1839, no objections.

Lumaawe /konohiki/, sworn, every thing mentioned above is correct. Lumaawe had given the interest, he will not object to him again.

/* a decorated place; a legendary place. PE dictionary page 288/

[Award 7083; Kahului 1 N. Kona; 1 ap.; .25 Ac.]




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