Claim Number: 10349
Claim Number: 10349 Claimant: Nakapa
Other claimant: Other name:
Island: Kauai District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Hanapepe Ili: Kaawaiki
Apana: 1 Awarded: 1
Loi: 30
NR: 285-287v9
Mala Taro: FT: 225-26v11s
Kula: NT: 100-101v11
House lot: 1
RP: 8035
Kihapai/Pakanu: Number of Royal Patents: 1
Salt lands: Koele/Poalima: No
Wauke: 1
Loko: No
Olona: Lokoia: No
Noni: 1
Fishing Rights: No
Hala: Sea/Shore/Dunes: No
Sweet Potatoes: Auwai/Ditch: No
Irish Potatoes: Other Edifice: No
Bananas: 1
Spring/Well: No
Breadfruit: 1
Pigpen: No
Coconut: Road/Path: No
Coffee: Burial/Graveyard: No
Oranges: Wall/Fence: No
Bitter Melon/Gourd: Stream/Muliwai/River: Yes
Sugar Cane: Pali: Yes
Tobacco: Disease: No
Koa/Kou Trees: Claimant Died: No
Other Plants: Other Trees: 2
Other Mammals: No Miscellaneous: O`u bird, O`o bird, Milo tree, `Ohia tree; landshells Waioholinei pali; Waipahu pali; lists previous hakuaina
No. 10349, Nakapa
N.R. 285-287v9

On the island of Kauai in the Ahupua`a of Hanapepe, in the `ili of Kaawaiki, is my claim for land, which was received in the time of Kaumualii. my Haku`ainas were:

1. Kaeia
2. Gioi
3. Puali
4. Kiokio.

Concerning the dimensions: 30 is the length on the north, 132 is the length on the east, 30 is the length on the south, 132 is the length on the west.

The description of the land is: Kahauanui is on the east, Paloa, Koali, Kaheka, Kaholo, Ohia, Piku, also the hale anai*; the land on the north is Puunui; Holeinui, a milo tree and `ohia tree and a watercourse are on the west, Hanano's claim, a land named Kapewa, is on the south.

Concerning the kula: 55 is the length on the north, 110 is the length on the west, 110 is the length on the east, 55 is the length on the south.

The description of the kula is: the valley of Koipalea is on the north, Kaheka, Waipahu and the community of Kapukalua are on the east, Kaumu, Kawaewae and Kahuli are on the south, and Holenui, community of Koakahai and the road of Kopia are on the west.

Concerning the house lot: 22 is the length on the north, 44 is the length on the east, 22 is the
length on the south, 44 is the length on the west.

The description of the house lot is: the land is Kapewa, with the breadfruit before your eyes, and the bunches of bananas hanging in the dooryard of the house, and the milo tree; on the east is the hill of Holeinui, on the west is a noni grove, a rocky section is or the north ; a heaped up row of palis is on the west of me. The /trees/ bearing the ripened fruit eaten by the O`u bird, the lo`is where lives the landshell, chirping in the dawn, the split /fruits of/ the white-flowered `ohia, food for the O`o bird, are on the south.

Aloha to the Commissioners to Quiet Land Title, tell us of the benefits of the land; explain them to us. Perhaps there may be some questions. Great is our recompense in making these land claims. This claim for land is made by,

*No data

F.T. 225-226v11supp
No. 10349, Nakapa, Claimant

Kahaamaikai, sworn, says I know Claimant's lands. It is in an ili called Kaawaiki in the ahupuaa of Hanapepe of Kauai. There are 30 lois large and small and a kula.

It is bounded:
Mauka by pali of Waipahu & river Hanapepe
Wahiawa by Hanapepe river
Makai by Kapewa an ili and a kula Kaamaiki
Waimea by pali of Waioholinei.

Claimant has possessed this land from the times of Kaumualii and his title to it has not been disputed.

N.T. 100-101v9
No. 10349, Nakapa

[first part deemed illegible by typist of N.T.]

Mauka by Waipahu pali
Wahiawa by Hanapepe stream
Makai by Kapeaa ili
Waimea by Halenui pali.

Land from parents, at the time of Kaumualii, no one objected.

Koikoi, sworn, verifies Kahaamaikai's testimony.

[Award 10349; R.P. 8035; Kaawaiki Hanapepe Kona; 1 ap.; 5 Ac; TMK 1-8-03 5.9 Ac.]